7 Things All Sneakerheads Do

This past week, I thought about the things we all seem to do as sneakerheads. But before I wrote on it, I wanted to get on social media and ask you. Here’s what we came up with, in no particular order.

1. Spend More Time Deciding What Sneakers To Wear

As our collection grows, so does the time it takes to choose a pair to wear for the day and/or occasion. As your collection was starting to bud, whenever that may have been, you may have spent maybe half a minute deciding what shoe to rock at a given moment. Now, as your collection is becoming expansive, you’re spending upwards of at least 10 minutes in your closet trying to decide what you want to don.

2. Buy Sneakers When We Probably Shouldn’t

Most of us have definitely copped sneakers, given ourselves a pat on the back for it, while also trying to rationalize the questionable decision we just made. Did we really need to cop before someone’s birthday or a holiday? And was the shoe really that much of a hot commodity that we’re going to eat turkey sandwiches for the next month? And did we really deserve to treat ourselves this time around?

Unless you’re Sonny, if you answered yes to any of these at any point in your life, you know sometimes this sneaker thing got too real.

3. Make Shoe Contact Before Eye Contact – @michael_nerlino

This is self-explanatory.

4. Smell The Inside Of The Sneaker- @nike_rich78

You definitely smelled the inside of the first hype sneaker that you won. Now, how often you smell the inside of your sneaker after that is on you, but that first time at the unboxing is absolutely acceptable.

5. Buy The Shoes First, Then The Outfit- @dwarddoes

You start dressing from the bottom up. You choose sneakers first, and then you pick out the rest of your clothes to coordinate with the chosen sneakers. Your counterparts may find you crazy for this, but when everyone sees your dank getup, they’ll slowly start doing the same thing, taking cues from you and your fashion sense. Don’t be surprised when they start copping similar shoes, either.

6. Buy The Same Sneaker In Different Variant- @theshoesloot

The Air Jordan I and UltraBoost are probably the most repeated sneakers in your average ‘head’s rotation, right? They’ll probably have the Chicago, Bred Toe, Banned, Black Toes, and Triple Whites 1-4.0 because same same, but different.

I once used to think I was going to pride myself on not repeating a sneaker. It was cute of me to think that.

7. Deal With All The Questions- @kickspantry

“Why do you need so many sneakers? I don’t get it”

“So How many sneakers do you have?”

“What’s the most expensive sneaker you ever bought? How much was it?”

“You spent that much on a sneaker?”







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