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CYS Special Projects is what could be considered as the research + development division at Clean Your Shoes. This segment of the brand explores the sneaker culture through different perspectives and mediums, in an attempt to move the culture further forward.

Currently, CYS Special Projects can be categorized into 2 groups: CYSTech and CYS Custom Gears.

CYSTech, as the name suggests, is the arm that mainly focuses on web-based applications and tools meant to automate and optimize many of the processes background operations at Clean Your Shoes (like what happens when you subscribe to the list on the right), as well as enhance and support a sneakerhead’s unique lifestyle.

CYS Custom Gears is the second half of CYS Special Projects that is geared towards customizing, developing, and expanding upon various products in both sneaker care and culture. From bags, containers, customized sneakers and more, CYS Custom Gears is meant to solve real-life problems of today’s sneakerhead.

At this moment, all CYS Special Projects are in testing/development and not yet available to the public. However, you can sign up on the right for upcoming Beta Access.

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