Relying On Your Grail For A Fit Doesn’t Work Anymore.

This isn’t 2006. This isn’t 2010. You need to learn how to dress the sneaker.

Back when the sneaker culture could actually still be called a niche, and before streetwear really blew up in the early 2010’s, it didn’t take a whole lot to stand out. Your 10Deep tee with the denim and the Bapesta’s and you were that person. Throw in the outerwear when the time was right, you couldn’t be touched. Everybody knew who you were, what you had, and when you came around because you were ahead of everybody.

But now, everybody has that 10Deep or Stussy tee, has a plethora of bottoms to wear, and nowadays, many of them have at least 1 sneaker they regard as their heater, and they’ll let you know it by wearing it every time you see them. And it is for that very reason that if you want your outfit to stand out, you must do more than just wear your best sneaker.

First, consider that in 2020, the culture is absolutely saturated. Everyone is getting put on, everyone is creating, everyone is wearing everything. It seems as if every suburban middle schooler is wearing Undefeated and Anti Social Social Club, and at this point, who hasn’t had a Yeezy or an Off-White (Nike)? So the block is hot. Second, we should also consider that the unwritten style standards of streetwear and sneakers has changed a bit. Like I said before, it’s more than just about a dope tee and the sneakers. Now even your average joe has a sling bag, crazy socks, the cool hoodie/sweater, the swanky jewelry on, the hat, so on, so forth. Couple that with the fact that now even your average joe just might have on a Yeezy or an Off-White, and now we can understand just how much harder it gets to stand out today with yesterday’s plays.

Well, how do we make our fit stand out, Jordan?

I’m working on a series of articles that will help you in depth, but for now, here are some quick tips that I can offer:

  1. Find a few dress styles that speak to you most. I will forever champion the idea that sneakers can go with absolutely ANYTHING, so whatever style speaks to you will suffer your shoes.
  2. Learn to coordinate colors, and even more, coordinate the color of your clothes with the colorway of your sneakers. This DOES NOT MEAN you need to wear the same 2-3 colors head-to-toe. That’s not coordinating, that’s matching.
  3. Don’t wear your best sneaker all the time. I’m not saying don’t wear heat. Just don’t wear the hottest the mostest. This way, when you do, it’s a knockout fit that can’t be missed.

Finding a few dress styles is important not only to your personal style, but also important to your sneaker style as well. As much as sneakers go with anything, not every sneaker goes with every style. So, it is paramount that you find a style that speaks to you and your rotation. All the notable influencers, designers, etc. have certain styles that they embody to make up their unique style. You should follow suit.

Coordinating and matching are different things. Coordinating is when you can combine different colors and/or patterns for a great look. Matching is simply wearing the same set of colors on everything, which doesn’t always look good. In fact, most of the time it’s really corny. Not to mention, it’s not 2010 anymore, so it’s no longer acceptable. Learn to coordinate. The easiest way to do this is to simply emulate your favorite artists/athletes/etc. Most of them know how to coordinate, and do very well for themselves. (Naomi Osaka, Russell Westbrook, Melody Ehsani, Dwyane Wade) As you try to follow their styles more, over time you’ll pay more attention to what goes with what and now you’re coordinating.

FInally, the point of this whole post: your best sneaker. Put it away now and then. We’ve just learned that it won’t carry your fit anymore, so why put the unnecessary wear and tear on it if you don’t have to? Am I saying don’t wear a dope sneaker? No. Just don’t wear your most dope all the time. Leave something to be desired, otherwise, the fit- and the sneaker– won’t hit as much as it could. The element of surprise can go a long way with sneakers if you do it right.

So, learn how to dress your sneaker. It alone can’t carry your fit anymore.







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