Why You Should Consider Donating Shoes

This article was originally written on December 12, 2017. It was updated on October 21, 2020.

In the spirit of the holidays coming up and in giving, many of you will be copping kicks for others, and another set of you will cop kicks from someone else. It’s Holiday Season, it’s one of the best times to gift a sneakerhead (or anyone, for that matter).

But what about those less fortunate than we are? Those that would love to have one decent pair of kicks just to wear everyday? I’m certain that you probably give when you can, and that you’re likely a very helpful and altruistic person. But have you thought about donating some of your kicks? Especially in this time and place we are in right now? If not, I have a few good reasons why donation around this time of year, and especially during this pandemic may be a good option to think about.

You’ve Had A Pair Laying Around For Years That You Don’t Even Wear Anymore.

If your kicks are collecting dust because you don’t wear them anymore, you probably won’t miss them, so go ahead and drop them off at a donation center of at your local store’s donation drive. It probably goes without saying that this excludes those gently-used, exclusive sneakers that can still fetch you money, unless you feel that inclined to donate some real heat.

They’re Good And Worn, Which Means You’ll Probably Wear Them Less And Replace Them.

We all do it, don’t front. Everyone replaces shoes, it’s literally an inherent characteristic of sneakerheads. If you have some shoes that has gotten their worth in use and mileage, go ahead and donate them, given that they are in that “gently used/worn” condition. Use discretion and good judgment in deciding what that means.

If those shoes are beyond a suitable wearing condition (which even your beaters shouldn’t be that torn up), you’re better off throwing those away. And that isn’t a matter of beggars being choosers- it’s a matter of health and safety. Poorly made sneakers or those in poor condition run the risk of injury and/or harm to the person.

You Have A Ton of Shoes, And You’re Going To Get More Anyway.

You’ve been buying sneakers all pandemic. And you don’t wear all of them. Some of them stay in the box/closet forever, while you keep piling and copping shoes. In fact, I tend to donate shoes for that very reason. I know I’m going to keep copping kicks, and I know I’m probably going to acquire more than I lose. So with that in mind, I donate, because I know I’ll get more shoes. So what’s the harm in donating one or two pairs?

Another way I see it- and this is strictly personal belief- when I give, I will get. When I donate these sneakers and give to someone less fortunate, somewhere down the line, the universe will reward me for that. Maybe it’s a better pair of sneakers, maybe it’s a dream collaboration, maybe it’s making it through a pandemic with my health and my job intact. Either way, I want these blessings so let me bless someone else.

A Plethora Of Boutiques Hold Donation Drives/Parties Where You Can Link Up With Other People In The Culture.

There’s a good chance one of your local sneaker joints probably throws a holiday party in-store, and your entry ticket is literally just donating a pair of shoes. These kind of events attract sneakerheads and people from all over town (and even other towns) who came to network and kick it with other sneakerheads. You might not care for the donation, but at least it’s a way for you to meet and connect with other sneakerheads and have a good time.

Given the pandemic, this may or may not be a thing in your city, though. If it is, please use your discretion and practice distancing and safety measures.

Because Why Not?

It’s a good thing to do. You might be complaining and griping about not getting an Off-White or a new Yeezy that just dropped, but imagine not even having that luxury of being able to cop those shoes.

And nevermind the usual Holiday season, we’re in a pandemic that has been a catastrophic economic disaster in the States as much as it has been a health one. Families have had to choose between paying bills and paying for food. Many have been forced out of homes. Hardships are continuing to mount for many people, and while a pair of sneakers won’t magically fix their woes, it will make a difference, and it will help.

Now, because this post isn’t sponsored or in conjunction with some charity or organization, I don’t have a specific place or group to tell you to donate to. But, a tried and true place to start is your local donation center.

Spread some cheer (and not COVID) and do some good this season.







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