I originally built Clean Your Shoes back in 2016 as one in a handful of small websites I built as a portfolio following graduation, because I needed a job and I wanted to get out of the house.

Since then, I’ve had decent jobs (no thanks to Clean Your Shoes), moved well and far away from home, and let Clean Your Shoes tag along because it grew on me.

So What is Clean Your Shoes?

If I could describe what I want Clean Your Shoes to be, I would say the GQ for sneakerheads*. Clean Your Shoes is a platform where you can learn about sneaker cleaning and maintenance, discover places and spaces connected to the sneaker culture, as well as get to know about figures in and around the niche. You have the sneaker. Clean Your Shoes is about how to make rock it while making it last.

Clean Your Shoes is also an engaging platform. If you have tips and tricks you want to share, you can get in touch and we’ll figure out a way to make that happen. A number of people have put me on to some of the stuff you see here, and I welcome it! I don’t have all the answers, I have some. You probably have some too. My aim for Clean Your Shoes is to be a place where you can have all the answers, and for that to happen, it’ll take a little collaboration from viewers like you. Thank you 😉

It’s also about finding ways to make dope sneaker-focused tech, because I’m a software developer. I told you how Clean Your Shoes started off as a simple website as part of a post-graduation-please-hire-me portfolio. Since then, on my own free time and devices**, I built one desktop application and have started to write code for a few others. I have these small ideas in my head and I want to put them out there somehow, regardless of their potential. Conveniencing a sneakerhead will suffice.

Just like GQ is meant to make men become better men, Clean Your Shoes is meant to make sneakerheads become better sneakerheads*. By focusing on the other facets of the sneaker culture besides the sneaker, I want to allow you to be the kind of sneakerhead that you want to be by providing you with versatile, entertaining, informational, and educational content to help you get there.

And Who Am I?

Who’s Mans Is This?

I’m The J-Play, but you can call me Jordan if you want to. I grew up in Dallas, Texas, where I first built Clean Your Shoes. Growing up, I always liked getting new sneakers to wear and show my friends at school. It also didn’t help that my dad taught me at the age of 7 how to clean my sneakers, so I grew up with sneakers having some sort of presence in my life.

It wasn’t until Junior year of college did I decide I was going to commit time and money to an expensive, once low-key niche known as the sneaker culture. When I discovered there was a whole different sneaker world apart from that of the general releases most people are ever really exposed to, I became even more fascinated with sneakers. My closet has only been filled with so many (Adidas Consortium) sneakers and stories since then.

Anyway, I’m a software developer with a Computer Science degree, currently (and concurrently) being paid off and put to good use at a fintech in the Pacific Northwest region of The United States. I’m not going to tell you about what I like to do in my free time or my interests because you don’t care about that stuff.

I kept working on and playing around with Clean Your Shoes because I liked it. I found a way to bridge my interest in technology and sneakers together. Then I found a way to spread and grow that combined interest and share it with you and so many other sneakerheads worldwide who seem to have open minds.

Thanks for visiting. Subscribe and share with your friends too, now.

*Clean Your Shoes is down with all identities, genders, and shoe sizes.

**Let me be absolutely clear.