Clean Your Shoes was initially created in 2016 as a small pet project fueled by a passion for sneakers and technology. This project serves to educate, entertain, and inspire sneakerheads of all kinds who have the desire to learn more about sneaker maintenance, the sneaker culture and industry, and how to incorporate sneakers more into their everyday life. With interviews, opinion pieces, how-to guides, and other related content, Clean Your Shoes is now a new, fresh voice of the modern sneakerhead community.

Sneaker Man on The Click-Clack

Jordan “J-Play” McRae is a software developer and sneaker enthusiast from Dallas, Texas. Fresh out of college and job prospects, J-Play sought to beef up his resume by creating a website to showcase his technical skills and interests. That website was Clean Your Shoes.

The effectiveness of the original Clean Your Shoes website to land J-Play a job is debatable, but he would eventually get a job some weeks later. After becoming a gainfully employed person somewhere, he decided that Clean Your Shoes wasn’t just going to be a means to a job; he would be expanding the vision.

The Vision

The initial idea behind Clean Your Shoes was simple: give people a basic understanding of how to clean their shoes. The problem was that it was too simple: a few webpages with instructions on sneaker care could be found anywhere, plus, YouTube had video tutorials en masse. Nobody would give Clean Your Shoes the time of day.

So then came the expansion, out of creativity and lack of resources it would take to quickstart a successful platform: start a blog. A blog that would teach people of all walks of life and sizes of foot how to become (or be better) sneakerheads. That idea was still too simple to stretch out and run on a somewhat consistent basis, so the idea had to be fleshed out even more.

What does it mean to be a sneakerhead? How does one become a sneakerhead? How can one become a better sneakerhead? And how can we talk about a culture focused on sneakers without having the money or access to acquire every sneaker that drops?

From whence came The Sneaker Literacy Program. The idea (and slogan) Spreading Sneaker Literacy Worldwide would be encompassed in what makes Clean Your Shoes stand out. Instead of talking about the next sneaker to drop, like every other sneaker platform out there, why not discuss the other facets of the sneaker culture? With so many people influencing the culture, storefronts and establishments changing the game, brands that seek to elevate your sneakerhead lifestyle, and just so many different ways to keep your rotation on point, Clean Your Shoes exists to bring the ins and outs of the culture to your attention.

Clean Your Shoes believes it isn’t enough to just know about a sneaker release. To be a sneakerhead and really be in the culture, you need to be sneaker literate. And you came to the right place.