What is Clean Your Shoes?

Clean Your Shoes is the Sneakerhead Lifestyle Brand. It’s more than a blog, and not just a shoe care label. Clean Your Shoes wants to help people become sneakerheads in their own unique way without having to change who they are, while appreciating and maintaining what sneakers they do have. This is a brand aimed at providing an immersive, community-based experience in the sneaker culture through its products and presence, physical and digital.

Products, collaborations, events, and content for every kind of sneakerhead.

Clean Your Shoes initially started in 2016 as simple static website detailing simple sneaker maintenance and storage suggestions. Later exploring additional topics in the sneaker culture- especially the unspoken and unwritten- CYS then made the transition into a weekly blog, The Sneaker Literacy Program, later adding Instagram and YouTube channels for additional content. From cleaning tutorials, attending events like ComplexCon and Sneaker Summit, to having conversations with industry creatives, resellers, and other sneaker bloggers, Clean Your Shoes kept its focus on everything in the sneaker culture except the sneaker. Plenty of publications exist with sneaker info and releases, not enough exist with stories and experiences that happen everyday in the sneaker world.

As the demand and requests for cleaning accessories grew (because of the name), Clean Your Shoes introduced CYS Sneaker Goods, a limited line of cleaning products and accessories in 2021. Combined with complimentary cleaning services for the closest community members, and a re-imagined take on social media content, it became clear CYS was no longer a niche sneaker culture blog but instead something much more.

CYS knows that being a sneakerhead in any capacity is a lifestyle, or at least a part of yours. And that’s why Clean Your Shoes is the Sneakerhead Lifestyle Brand, offering products, collaborations, events, and content for every kind of sneakerhead.

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