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Products + Accessories

When community members continued to message us about cleaning tips and whether or not we had any cleaning products, it became clear it was time to transition Clean Your Shoes into a shoe care label and lifestyle brand. Featuring original branded products like our doormats, microfiber towels, sneaker toothbrushes, and our very own sneaker cleaning kit, Clean Your Shoes offers products for every kind of sneakerhead.

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Social Media

While a large part of CYS’ roots come from the blogging space, it became integral for Clean Your Shoes to expand its digital presence to further interact and engage with the sneaker community. In addition to original content, tutorials, and editorials, Clean Your Shoes also features community members like you in our monthly features, AMAs, and community posts.

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The New “Motorsport Collabs” Are Hot Garbage

As a sneakerhead who was and will always be a motorsports fan first, these collabs are disrespectful to both and come across as nothing more than a money grab. (At the time of this original writing, 14 November 2023) The Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix is coming up this weekend. For anyone that is…

A Guide To Rocking Kicks In The Summer

Well, we’re in the midst of June, which gives us practically a few weeks before the real start the summer. That’s plenty of time to get your summer rotation right if you aren’t already doing so. Just in case, Clean Your Shoes has a few tips and tricks to help you have that Hot Sneakerhead…

The Case For Less Sneakers (Or, You Can Still Have Too Many Sneakers)

Hi, it’s J-Play again, with a friendly reminder that you can have absolutely too many sneakers. As spring turns to summer out here in The United States, many of us partake in a traditional purge of our material things commonly referred to as “Spring Cleaning.” For sneakerheads, fashionistas, <insert collectible item here> collectors, and other…

It’s Still More Than Just Sneakers

As we start to put the pandemic behind us (COVID-19 is very real and still a thing, don’t get it twisted), societies and communities have opened up again. This of course depends on what part of the world you live in, you may or may not still have to wear masks places, but at least…

Hype Collabs Are Boring

Yet you’re still buying them. And you heard it here first. Well, that’s easy for you to say, J: you’ve had Off-White, Yeezy & Bape collabs, so you’re straight. I had the white Presto from the Polar Opposites pack, that is true, and I resold it about a year later. But even if I didn’t…


Events + Collaborations

Clean Your Shoes is nothing without the sneakerhead community. As such, we believe it is important to work with and give back to local artists and businesses that have helped Clean Your Shoes along the way.

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