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Products & Accessories

Cleaning products, home goods, and miscellaneous wares for every kind of sneakerhead.

When community members continued to message us about cleaning tips and whether or not we had any cleaning accessories, it became clear it was time to transition Clean Your Shoes into a shoe care label and lifestyle brand. Featuring original branded products like our doormats, microfiber towels, sneaker toothbrushes, and our very own upcoming sneaker cleaning kit, Clean Your Shoes offers products for every kind of sneakerhead.

We are currently sold out of all products, but will be restocking very soon.

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Social Media

Blog content, official Instagram and YouTube accounts: the original Clean Your Shoes.

While a large part of CYS’ roots come from the blogging space, it became integral for Clean Your Shoes to expand its digital presence to further interact and engage with the sneaker community. In addition to original content, tutorials, and editorials, Clean Your Shoes also features community members like you in our monthly features, AMAs, and community posts.

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When Is It Not Okay To Wear Sneakers?

A CYS By You Post. Last week, we asked you when it was not okay to wear sneakers. While we know that in this day and age, sneakers are almost always appropriate and acceptable, y’all still chipped in with some pretty (obvious but) interesting situations. Let’s take a look at what you said. Names have […]

10 Stores You Should Know About

A lot of people have been asking me about where raffles, where to get certain sneakers and clothes, and other gear, and so instead of texting/messaging people a bunch of links every time there’s a raffle, I decided it would just be better to give you a list of some of the boutiques I like […]

Wearing Fakes Is Corny

One Friday night in 2019, I went out with a girl I was dating at the time to The Standard in Downtown Los Angeles. While we were at the rooftop bar, I saw people wearing all kinds of dope sneakers, as you normally would in Los Angeles. But what I also saw was something that […]

How To Not Get Scammed For Sneakers

In a market saturated with customs, fakes, and blatant bite-offs, anyone with an appetite for getting cash the fast way can make themselves a plug. For instance, if I didn’t have a conscience, nor a genuine appreciation for the culture, I could easily get on AliExpress, order a bunch of counterfeit Yeezys for well less […]

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Events & Collaborations

Community-based experiences & releases with local artists and businesses.

Clean Your Shoes is nothing without the sneakerhead community. As such, we believe it is important to work with and give back to local artists and businesses that have helped Clean Your Shoes along the way.

Head on over to the events page to check out some of our upcoming events.

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