The (Legitimate) Goat Experiment

A couple of weeks after Goat played me, they announced some special promotions going on during the Holiday season, one of them being Instant Ship, which meant I could get my sneakers faster, in theory. Now, I really had no plan on copping the sneakers on the list, I was just browsing and seeing what sneakers they were offering said Instant Ship on.

But it’s never just looking, is it? One thing I notice I tend to do is that I will place a low (and sometimes borderline disrespectful) bid on a pair of sneakers that I really like. This instance was no different. I do this often on StockX, which has landed me pairs of sneakers I forgot I bid on, and ones I didn’t think I’d get any time around the 30 days I bid on them. I had never actually gotten a pair of sneakers off of Goat, nor had my offers that I put on Goat were ever accepted in the past. On this particular day, however, after about 30 minutes of scrolling through endless sneakers I didn’t care for, I came across a pair of Undefeated Ultra Boost. I liked what I saw, so I put in a bid for $125 for a pair of size 13.

There were a couple of reasons I had bid on this sneaker. First, it was an Adidas shoe, and Ultra Boost at that. I had not yet owned a pair of Ultra Boost sneakers; I had every other kind of Boost sneaker. Second, it was a collab sneaker, and an Undefeated collab, at that. Naturally it would pique my interest.

My bid sat for a few days. Then, I got a notification on my phone from Goat saying that my bid had been accepted for the Ultra Boosts. I had accomplished 2 things in one fell swoop: I got a pair of Ultra Boosts, finally, and I finally got a pair of sneakers off Goat. After the confirmation email, I would get another email to help me track my delivery. I wouldn’t receive the sneakers until the day after Christmas, a little over a week from when the bid was accepted. That really meant that I wasn’t going to get them until December 30th, because I would be in Dallas, where I had more than enough heat to hold me over while they were delivered. So while I was more than anxious to get the pair of sneakers, I was also okay with waiting a little while.

All the while I’m in Dallas, I am tracking the progress of my shipment. It arrives to my place back in California as expected. Come the 30th, the package is waiting for me outside my apartment door. I know exactly what it is, and it is my pair of Ultra Boosts. I don’t know what else I was expecting, but after being bamboozled the first time around, I was very nervous opening the box, only to find my pair of shoes and a certificate of sorts denoting the authenticity of the sneakers. In all, I could finally say Goat is legitimate, and all was well after that fiasco weeks prior.

But at the end of the day, I still lost. Upon showing the sneakers to my man at Undefeated, he hits me with, “Bro, why didn’t you just hit me? We have these just sitting in the back!

Hindsight is truly 20/20.







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