The Frenzy Experiment, Part II

Last I touched on Frenzy, I was awaiting a BBC Mophie Powerpack and a pair of Pharrell NMDs from the most recent drop in November. I have yet to get the Mophie and I have reached out to BBC about it. We’ll see what happens with that, but the sneakers are another story.

About 2 weeks after I copped those NMDs off of Frenzy, I had also managed to get a pair of Salt 500s from the same store I copped the NMDs from. About a solid month after that cop, I got the Commonwealth ZX500s from the exact same store I got the aforementioned other two from. Needless to say, there’s a certain store that does drops on Frenzy that I can pretty much count on for a hot sneaker drop.

So, that’s the end, right? I got 3 pairs of sneakers from the same store on Frenzy, and so it must clearly be legit. Well, yes, that is true, but to an extent. All 3 of my purchases from Frenzy, all from the same store, came with confirmation emails of purchase, and my money was definitely taken in those transactions, no question. Also, recall that I bought these sneakers in California, but since my card is linked to my address back in Dallas, those sneakers are getting sent to Dallas, and I wouldn’t see them for some time. This meant I had a little less control and peace of mind regarding the delivery of my sneakers. What’s more, it’s holiday season, when people have been known to steal boxes off your porch. Now, as I have all three pairs of sneakers coming from the same store, but at different times, I have to really pay attention to every email I get regarding the status of any of the pairs.

As the final week in December approaches, I am tracking my boxes. I see and get confirmation that two of my pairs had been delivered to Dallas. In talking to my mom about what boxes came in, I was only told that I had 2 boxes delivered when I thought I should have had 3. Having loosely (and incorrectly) tracked my packages, I had thought that one of my packages had been stolen. And by my math, it was the Salt 500s. I was really bugging out. Someone stole my sneakers! Why would someone take someone else’s stuff? All I thought I could do was just take the L, and do better next time.

Here is where moms really do know best: mom suggested I look at all the confirmation numbers and contact the store about the shipping status. I was so certain someone had stole my sneakers, that I didn’t think they were going to be any good help, but I did what she said anyway. And what do you know: the Salts were delivered, as were the Commonwealths. It was the NMD shipment that was missing. And come to think of it, I still never got any other emails or statuses about the sneakers. So I reached out to the store. A representative told me that they were out of the sneakers and issued me a refund. But, the very next day, another person came back and told me that my pair had been sitting in the back all this time. They created a shipping label for them, to which I got news of in the confirmation email, but nobody ever shipped the sneakers. Someone forgot. Since I had ordered the sneakers in early November, and it was now late December and I still didn’t get the sneakers, they offered me $100 off the sneakers, and I would get them the Friday after Christmas.

So, to conclude: is Frenzy legit? Absolutely, I just had a few interesting experiences with it initially. But, the app has some amazing brands, deals and drops frequently, and the stores are good about the transactions. It’s a fair app, where you have to come quick with the draw and correct with the cash. If you don’t, you lose. If it wasn’t for Frenzy, I would’ve never had the kind of chance to cop the heat I’ve been able to cop. So try Frenzy. I think you’re gonna like it.







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