10 Stores You Should Know About

A lot of people have been asking me about where raffles, where to get certain sneakers and clothes, and other gear, and so instead of texting/messaging people a bunch of links every time there’s a raffle, I decided it would just be better to give you a list of some of the boutiques I like to shop and raffle from. Maybe you already know these stores, or perhaps heard of them in the past. Either way, these are really solid storefronts and I highly suggest subscribing to their mailing lists.

Y’all asked to be put on, so I’m going to put y’all on, in no particular order. This list is also not exhaustive. This is the first of multiple parts. Attempting to do this in one post was going to take too long and I would’ve never made it in time. That’s why it took so long to write originally in the first place. So without anymore ado, let’s check out 10 stores, you should know about:


So End. actually is number one on this list for real because they’re probably actually my favorite storefront out of this whole list. I swear by this British boutique. The guys in my sneaker chat will tell you. “A global menswear retailer known for its expertly curated edit of luxury fashion, emerging designers and exclusive sport & streetwear”, End. will have you hip to brands and items you didn’t even know existed. Their raffles are pretty consistent, as well as their collaborations, often partnering with brands of all kinds. They charge a premium on shipping, but they are international, after all.


Bodega calls itself a “concept fusing art, fashion, design and counterculture.” A US-based boutique with locations in Boston and Los Angeles, this brand does just that, offering a unique selection of quality but lesser-known brands to choose from with a great variety in every category they carry. While Bodega’s raffles are usually for the more sought after or rarer sneakers, you can be sure to find a lot of other hot sneakers by FCFS (first come, first serve), which could be a saving grace if you lost out on another store’s raffle for the same shoe.


Another Boston-based storefront, Concepts “melded the worlds of street, skate and fashion years before it was commonplace.” True to their word, Concepts offers a wide array of clothing, sneakers, and accessories, and at a range of prices which almost guarantees that there is something for everyone including their own brand of gear and accessories. While most of their raffles now are in-store, Concepts will still have a few online raffles for some of the hottest sneakers dropping in the moment.

St. Alfred

“Located in Chicago, Saint Alfred specializes in providing the best streetwear and footwear from around the world.” St. Alfred is what I like to call my “Nike Dealership” because when I can’t get a pair of Nikes from SNKRS, I have a really good chance and scoring them with St. Alfred. This is because this storefront, like others on this list, will have some of their sneakers on a FCFS basis, with higher-tiered, more limited sneakers being in a raffle. A wide array of brands offers a unique selection of clothing, footwear, and accessories that you may not find in other boutiques.

Social Status

“Social Status’ brand mix is geared to the fashion-focused consumer: quality driven and fashion forward.” Coming from the same family of stores as St. Alfred and A Ma Maniere, Social Status is higher end boutique with high quality, elite brands and a great social mission. Social Status offers the latest trends and fashion styles and literally offering what they call “Free Game”, a series they have with guests in various industries sharing free knowledge and wisdom to those that want it. Raffles are usually held for most sneakers, but raffles or otherwise, you can find a decent assortment of collab sneakers being carried. Some of them are their own.


Sneakersnstuff, or SNS as it’s commonly known as, might be my second favorite place after End., but in my early sneakerhead days, it was my absolute favorite. I tell a lot of my friends about SNS simply because it is such a unique staple streetwear brand. Originally founded in Sweden in the late 90’s, SNS has grown to be an international boutique with multiple storefronts each in the US, Europe, and Asia. The brands carried here are some of the best, affordable and well known names in streetwear, and the sale section is one of the best, guaranteeing that there is something dope for all kinds of budgets and situations. This is not a store you can go wrong with at all. With usual weekly releases and/or raffles, frequent collabs in sneakers and clothing, and just having some of the most unique, underrated, and under-the-radar pieces and drops you won’t be able to find in many other places, SNS will be one of the storefronts you’ll frequent the most. I promise.

A Ma Maniere

Much like its contemporary Social Status, A Ma Maniere is more than a streetwear store. With a bevy of higher end brands and pieces, and some of the most sought-after collaborations with Jordan Brand and Nike, A Ma is not only pushing forward the latest trends and styles, but also redefining the culture with curated events, an elevated dining experience, and multiple ventures combining said culture with travel and living. Not much more can be said about A Ma except that is exemplifies what it means to be high-end in multiple facts of life. Raffles and releases are also very consistent and frequent, offering you a chance at some of the hottest sneakers dropping.


A premium sneaker boutique with a very athletic and urban aesthetic, Undefeated is another staple store that everyone should know. The LA-based store has multiple locations on the west coast of the United States, as well a lot of fronts in Japan and China. Well known for the their collaborations with the likes of Champion, Neighborhood, A Bathing Ape, adidas, and Nike, Undefeated offers a lot of unique, quality pieces for the closet and for the home. Like a lot of other stores, some sneakers are only available in raffles (which are only open for 15 minutes, and come with a quick quiz related to the sneaker, so you better know your stuff), and others are FCFS. A word to the wise, you have to be lighting quick on their FCFS releases because they will sell out in 15 seconds or less.

Extra Butter

Extra Butter is a NY-based front with a unique experience combining film, fashion, and the culture. This lifestyle brand offers a great array of brands and products for home and closet, while not breaking the bank too hard. Having collaborated with some of the more well known and prominent names in sneaker and fashion, Extra Butter is one-of-a-kind in its retail experience through its cinematic aesthetic and storytelling. The sale section is also really decent, something that should be taken advantage of during sale seasons. Releases are easy and straightforward, and from my experience, most collab sneakers and hot releases will be available via draw.


This Las Vegas-based store addressed the critical problem to the area’s streetwear and sneaker issue. Fashion, art, music, and sneaker culture are blended in a really great way with Feature, as they carry a myriad of the best brands in the sneaker, fashion, and lifestyle sectors. Another great feature about this brand is their sale section that offers a lot of great pieces and products at varying price points, allowing people of different styles and budgets to add on to your current taste or explore new aesthetics. Most of the hot sneakers to drop will be a raffle, and Feature is consistent with their draws and providing a chance to own some of the best sneakers to drop. I’ve won a lot of raffles from Feature, and because of that, they’ve become one boutique I’ve become dependent on to have a chance at owning a grail.






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