How To Use Oxi-Clean With Your Sneakers

Recently, I had a series of unfortunate events in the cold wet Portland rain one night that absolutely destroyed a delicate pair of Consortium sneakers. I knew that just cleaning them old school wasn’t going to work, and I wasn’t that much more sure that just dsropping them off with my whites in the washer wasn’t going to necessarily do the trick. So I threw a Hail Mary and used a solution that I had never tried before: Oxi-Clean.

In that particular instance I proved to be Aaron Rodgers because my sneakers came out almost brand new. Oxi-Clean really did work and got rid of a lot of the baked in grime, mud, dirt, mush and everything else that comes with an excessively raining day. I’m probably going to give them another run soon just because they are very delicate and I want to keep them in the best condition I can, but if you find/found yourself in a situation where conventional cleaning methods may not work, Oxi-Clean might be able to do wonders for you. Let’s discuss a few creative ways you can get a good clean using the power of Oxi-Clean.

I wish I took pictures of the sneakers before they were cleaned, but I didn’t. You’ll have to take my word that these sneakers were in deplorable form and needed to be cleaned deep. In fact, I almost thought that the Oxi-Clean wouldn’t work and that these were just a total loss.

Apply Oxi-Clean Directly, With Options.

This works better with the spray bottle variant, but Oxi-Clean says that you can apply the solution on a stain for 15 minutes all the way up to a week. This means that you can spray the solution and not feel pressured to wash them right away. Instead, the Oxi-Clean will actually sit and settle in the baked in stains, doing it’s work. Since the solution is effective for up to a week, you can spray layers of this on your sneakers, and it can’t hurt.

Spray And Wash Away

Seeing as my sneakers are triple white but were looking like a triple espresso in that particular instance, I sprayed a liberal amount on the sneakers and let them sit for 3 days. Then I generously sprayed some more on the stains and let them sit for another 4 days. On the 7th day, I looked upon my creation, and decided to spray sparingly, letting them sit for about 2 more hours before I threw them in the washer.

Pre-Spray Before Normal Clean

Another way that I’ve seen that works is spraying the Oxi-Clean head on the sneaker before you do the normal brush/water/soap routine. Of course, you would preferably let the solution sit on the stains before you start cleaning them, but allowing them to sit and percolate on the stain for a while and then commencing to cleaning them as normal can provide great results as well if you do not trust throwing them in the washer, and it doesn’t require any special or extra effort.

Oxi-Clean In The Mix.

Instead of applying the Oxi-Clean directly, this method instead gives you the option to include the Oxi-Clean in with your cleaning mixture, and cleaning your sneakers as normal. Another variation of this is instead of including the Oxi-Clean in with the cleaning solution, you instead use Oxi-Clean in lieu of the dish soap/laundry detergent/Jason Markk/whatever you were using to mix with the water.

It works.

See for yourself.






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