How To Avoid A Triple White-Mare

I originally wrote this some time back in 2018, but coming in to 2020, some of y’all still act like y’all don’t know how to wear triple white (all white) sneakers. So, I refreshed this article a little bit to help remind y’all of what it takes to wear such a colorway. We’re not bringing that old, raggedy, booty looking triple white energy into 2020, only that kind of energy that makes your triple whites crazy white on a sunny day.

Everyone loves a good triple white shoe. I know I do. And there are so many silhouettes that are made timeless in triple white: The Air Force 1, Huarache, Ultra Boost, Renaissance, etc. And, any good sneakerhead will have at least one pair of triple white sneakers. But if you are a member of the triple white club, or looking to get in, there are some things you must know about rocking this iconic colorway.

0. Stay Away From Anyone With Dirty Triple Whites

I don’t trust anyone with dirty triple white sneakers, because they clearly do not know the importance and the status that comes with that colorway. They are losers to me, because they ( and everyone else) know how good triple white sneakers look, buy them, and then don’t maintain them. So then they just become regular old shoes. And dirty triple whites appear so much dirtier than what they actually may be, because you see all of the stain and grime on a triple white. White does make everything look bigger, after all. And someone who only likes the beginning of things like that cannot be trusted. Someone with dirty triple white sneakers is someone I imagine will renege on plans that they probably asked to make. That’s just the kind of sleaze I sense oozing out of people with dirty triple white sneakers. I’m just saying.

1. Triple White Is A LOT Of Responsibility

Rocking a triple white sneaker comes with a lot of strings attached. For starters, it’s white, on white, on some more white. May mercy be shown upon your soul should you even so much as lightly brush across a dirty surface with those sneakers on. Second, you have to think about the wardrobe. Triple white can be very powerful when worn with the proper outfit. Also, consider timing and when you wear it. The next few points will highlight these things, but this is a general number one thing you should know.

2. You Have To Keep Triple Whites Immaculately Clean

Again, don’t be a loser. If you are going to rock a triple white sneaker, you have to keep them clean. Most triple white sneakers, depending on materials, can be thrown in a washer machine (BUT NOT THE DRYER), and then you’re done. That’s easy enough, isn’t it? And don’t forget about laces. A lot of times, laces are whiter than the actual sneaker, so make sure that they get special attention for cleaning as well. You want the whole sneaker to look bright and shiny. And if you are going to wear triple whites often, you have to clean often. That’s just how it is with the Triple White. There is no greater loss of credibility than rolling around in dirty triple white sneakers. I really can’t take you seriously as a sneakerhead if you have dirty triple whites. I’m sorry. There is too much history, and way too many sneaker cleaning products for you to roll around with a dirty pair.

3. You Can’t Wear Just Anything With Triple White

It is well known that white goes with anything. But that doesn’t mean you can or should wear it with just anything. Again, triple white is a classic, timeless colorway, and a very powerful piece to an alphet, when used correctly. While today’s trends have thrown disregard to color and material coordination, triple white is more powerful when put together with a simple, minimal fit, or one that doesn’t attract too much attention in the wrong way (read: tacky).

Proper color blocking will also do some good with triple white. The colorway has always had a certain set of subtleties that give it its clout: it’s clean, loud in an acceptable way,  and flashy in an acceptable way. You have so many qualities that usually don’t work together (or alone, for that matter), all in one simple pattern. You get away with so much from so little, which as you know goes a long way. So, with so much power and heat on feet, you don’t need to look like a peacock. Look like a dove.

4. You Can’t Always Wear Triple White

You can, but then again, you can’t. Certain seasons depending on where you live aren’t good times for triple white because of the weather and elements. Also, triple white should be regarded as a flex move, so you should try to avoid just always wearing your triple white pair 24/7. It makes it look really dirty (as per points 0, 1, and 2), and it takes away from the power of the shoe. There is nothing cleaner than a crisp, fresh triple white shoe. There are real reasons to why some heads only wear a pair once and dead them. Even when you do keep it amazingly clean and taken care of, father time remains undefeated, especially against sneakers that see heavy consistent wear. Think of triple white like salt: use sparingly.

5. You’re Going To Want More Triple White Sneakers

Shut up and accept it. Triple white looks good. Triple White looks amazing. And you’re going to want an assortment of different sneakers in triple white, because why wouldn’t you want to rock different styles of triple white? The more options, the more you can rock triple white in certain situations. The more you can flex at pool parties that allow sneakers, and just flex in general. And it’s so easy to give in because you can find certain models in triple white that will come cheap, and even be on sale. Mind you, that’s also a double edged sword, one that I will cover in the next point. But, again, use sparingly. And buy sparingly. Too much triple white isn’t that cool.

6. Some Things Don’t Need To Be In Triple White

Some things come cheap and on sale in triple white because they weren’t meant to be made in triple white. As a result of the company’s greed, they sit on shelves. Certain models are steals when on sale. Other’s are not. They represent the antithesis of the colorway’s aforementioned subtleties. It’s kinda hard to make triple white look bad, but certain sneakers in triple white are reaching. There is no real standard as to what looks good in triple white and what doesn’t, but a good sneakerhead should be able to reasonably discern for his/herself as to what is a good triple white and what is bad.

7. High Powered Stain Removers Can Be Your Friend

Things like Oxi-Clean and Tide pens can work wonders when cleaning your sneakers. The quick stain pens are useful on triple Whites with a lot of mesh-like materials, and Oxi-Clean is good to spray on your ____knit sneakers before throwing them in the wash or hand cleaning them. Either way, these are some of the least known but very powerful tools you can have in your kit for your triple whites. My Concepts EnergyBoost are whiter than rice because of the power of Oxi-Clean. Word to Billy Mays.

8. Don’t Forget About Your Laces

Enough Said. Keep them just as clean. You can use the previous tip and even throw them in the washer (but not the dryer) with your whites.






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