A Guide To Putting Sneakers In The Washer

Sometimes, we might have a moment where we don’t want to spend the time it might take to clean a certain pair of sneakers, whether it’s a lot of time, or barely any at all. So, we may be tempted to throw them in the washer from time to time. And that’s fine, as long as you know what you are doing. I can’t tell you the amount of times that someone’s told me they threw their sneakers in the washer and then something happened to their sneakers because they weren’t paying attention. So, here are a few tips to help you and your sneakers fare better with the washer machine.

Be Sure The Materials Are Machine Washable

You don’t want to put a Hender Scheme sneaker in the washer. Likewise, you wouldn’t want an all suede sneaker in there either. You only want to put sneakers in that washer that have washer-friendly materials on them. Most sneakers with high-end fabrics and materials are no good being put in the washer.

Wash Laces, But Separate Of The Shoe

You still want to wash you laces, but not when they are on the sneaker. Instead, consider the laces as any other piece of delicate laundry you would normally wash and handle them accordingly.

Wash With Like Colors

Seriously. This rule applies for sneakers as it does anything else in laundry. White sneakers should be thrown in the washer with your white clothes, and colored sneakers go in with the colored clothes. Don’t just throw your sneakers in whatever load you’re about to put in. That could lead to discoloration of your sneakers and/or your clothes, as it would be in any other case of improper color separation. Your sneakers should be treated like laundry. In fact, they are laundry, that most of the time you do by hand.

Wash With Clothes, If Possible

When washing your sneakers, you want to wash them with clothes to so that they aren’t being tossed around in the washer by themselves, and so that they aren’t being excessively inundated with water and detergent. The clothes will help absorb some of the water, soap, and the thrashing from the cycle.


Read it again, and then read it a third time, and then a fourth. Let these sneakers dry out in open air like you would normally. The heat from the dryer will definitely mess with the structure and integrity of your sneaker.






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