How To Resell Larger Size Sneakers

I don’t want to admit this, but for the most part, the sneaker world is a small foot world. (I’m looking at you, Sonny.) Sneaker models usually have smaller feet, sneakers are generally shown in smaller sizes because they look a bit more proportionate than larger sizes, certain drops don’t get any higher past a certain point, and last but definitely not least, smaller sizes resell for more because people didn’t eat their green vegetables to grow tall when they were kids, so everyone is a smaller size to which the demand far exceeds the supply.

So for those of us blessed with big feet or simply looking to make the most cash we can from a larger sneaker that didn’t get the resell potential as its smaller counterparts, I have a few ideas from personal experience I think might be of good help for future reference:

Get A General Forecast Of Resale Value

Goat/Flight Club and StockX will more than likely give you some sort of idea of what your size could go for. Even if you can’t come up with the resale value for your exact size, you can come up with something based off what other sizes are going for. That, however, is a double edged sword. Sometimes you’ll be able to set a precedent for a sneaker in a certain size, other times, you will have to get with the program and run it for a price competitive with other sizes.

Deadstock Is Your Best Option…

Deadstock is your best option regardless of any size. But, because larger sizes are harder to sell, keeping a pair on ice will guarantee the highest possible amount you can get in the resale market. There is a large gap in payout between a larger DS versus a larger used sneaker, and even bigger depending on the sneaker. So, if it is something you know you for sure could get good money on, keeping it in the box still wrapped up is your best bet.

…But Keep Used Sneakers As Clean As Possible

If you decide to wear those grails one day, but with the possibility of reselling them, keep those sneakers in as great of a condition as possible. Any condition under like new or very good, and you may as well try Grailed or your local consignment store that doesn’t give a damn about what sneakers you’re bringing in, as long as they can make a buck off them and give you…maybe a quarter of what they intend to sell it for.

Or, you can donate them.

Make Sure They Are Actually Worth Reselling

Because larger size sneakers already are a hard sell, so if you’re going to flip sneakers, don’t walk into Round Two with some size 13 Sock Darts. Walk in with some Yeezy’s or Sacais, something that would make the market worth its time to buy the sneakers off of you.

What are some tips you might have? Drop a comment below.






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