Hacks For Sneaker Maintenance

Sneaker maintenance is a timely, and costly protocol. For the most devout sneakerheads, there are many a step to take to ensure that their kicks are spic & span, day in and day out. The whole process can take hours, depending on what and how many shoes they decide to clean. But, with a few shortcuts (that aren’t cutting corners), you can save time and still get results.

Peep the list below.

Put Dryer Sheets In Your Shoes

Your Jordans might be fresh, but those insoles are not. No matter what, no matter how clean your feet may be, over time, the inside of your shoes will develop a smell. Now, there are things like the Crep Pill, or some other kind of shoe spray, but if you don’t have any of that, you can use dryer sheets to freshen them up when you’re not wearing them. Even unscented ones will work, if you don’t fancy your shoes smelling like hibiscus passion, or spring morning, or whatever other fruity scents they have nowadays.

Slow Down Aging And Yellowing With Silica Gel

Hopefully your shoes came with Silica Gel Packets when you bought them. Shoes used to come in box with them, you can’t really be too sure nowadays. But, if you don’t have any silica gel packets, you can get some off of Amazon, like anything else.

Father time is undefeated, and will remain as such. Yellowing and aging is also undefeated, and is inevitable. You don’t have any say in that. What you do have say in, however, is how fast your shoes yellow and age. Using the silica gel packets will help slow down the process tremendously. Place the silica gel packets in your shoe box or container with little to no exposure (assuming you put your shoes in these).

Throw Your Laces (And Some Shoes) In The Washer

Cleaning laces can be a pain, with soaking them, wringing them out, letting them dry and so on and so forth. But, you can throw your laces in with a load of laundry. Of course, follow normal washing procedures (like colors, temperatures, etc.) You can also throw the laces in the dryer; they shouldn’t shrink, but you can let them air dry just to be safe.

You can also throw certain shoes in the washer. Shoes that are primarily mesh or some sort of washable fabric (think Sock Dart, Roshe, Primeknit or Flyknit shoes) can go in the washer and get some fresh cleaning. DO NOT put them in the dryer. Shoes with leather and suede should be cleaned as normal, don’t risk messing them up to save time.

Save Money With Detergent And A Toothbrush

Seriously. Our forefathers scrubbed their shoes with a toothbrush, bowl, warm water, and soap/dish detergent. You can do the same thing. In fact, I’m one of those sneakerhead purists that argue that this classic method is the best way to clean shoes. And please, use and old toothbrush.

Use Shoe Trees

You can get like 5 pairs for cheap on Amazon, of course. Shoe trees retain the shape and form of your shoes when you aren’t wearing them. As a bonus, they also help fight against the effects of creasing, the bane of every sneakerhead’s existence.


Are there any other hacks you know? Share your knowledge, and the list will be updated.






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