My Sneaker Resolution For 2019

You know the feeling you get when you get a new pair of sneakers? It feels dope, right? I know it’s one of the greatest feelings when I get a pair of sneakers I’ve been plotting on for a while.

In the last quarter of 2018 alone, I copped a record number of sneakers, more than I have ever purchased in a few months, let alone a year. And while copping these sneakers is an amazing thing, when I look back on it, I was copping these sneakers just because I could. I hadn’t really earned these sneakers, I just had the means to purchase them. And while I’m a grown adult and I can do whatever I so well please, I personally need a justifiable reason to purchase sneakers, especially at price tags they come at nowadays. I usually don’t like blowing large amounts of money on things, and sneakers made no difference. In the final 3 months of the year, I had spent some good money on a lot of sneakers. Granted, I know I could’ve spent a lot more, but I still spent more than I think I should have.

Realizing that, and coming into 2019, I decided I was going to go back to a reward system-style when it came to sneakers. First, I’m not going to purchase any until my birthday. And even then, I am only allowing myself to cop the sneakers if I have completed certain tasks or goals that I have set for myself. If I do not complete these objectives, then I cannot cop any sneakers. It’s as simple as that.

I figure going into 2019, 2020, and beyond, I should achieve and accomplish the things I want to do. And what better way is there to incentivize me like a pair of sneakers that I can really feel good about buying? I know what they say about resolutions and all that, but I don’t see this so much as a resolution. Rather, it’s just a solution. A resolution is a sure decision to do or not do something. A solution is an answer; a means to an end goal or objective. A resolution says, “I’m not buying sneakers for a while“, but a solution says, “in order for me to get these sneakers, I need to do this, that, and the third.” By giving myself a reason for (or for not) copping sneakers only serves me well: I’m curbing spending, saving money, achieving goals, and controlling the flow and purchasing of sneakers. This is not to say that I lost control and just went on a massive spree. I didn’t. But, it was still more spending than I would’ve liked and I don’t want to allow myself to fall into the habit of spending/copping like that.

The best part about this is that the sneakers aren’t even going to be the best part. They’re the reward, sure. However, the fruits of the work and labor I put in to get the sneakers will be the best part out of all of this.

Here’s to 2019.






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