Do Holiday Sales Even Matter Anymore?

We’ve recently just had a lot of drops around this Thanksgiving season, and Christmas isn’t going to get any better. We’ve had The Ten, KAWS Jordan IV, Yeezys, some more Jordans, and even more Jordans. Commence the long lines, reselling, botting, and so forth.

But while we were so intent and focused on copping these hot drops, we forgot all about the kicks going for 40-60% off, or even more. The very season we used to wait on to cop cheap kicks just may have just now been rendered useless. We’re all guilty, all victim to the game. I know I was definitely more concerned with trying to get one of The Ten (to later resell, I admit), so much so that I almost missed a sale on some shoe’s I’ve wanted earlier in the year. (Anyone else copping the somewhat elusive Tennis Hu?) Now, with confirmed Yeezys and Jordans dropping this month, our focus still won’t be on cheaper grails, but rather on those going for retail or (even more likely,) higher.

And after we cop that hot drop, why would we want to cop kicks on sale? They either won’t have as much value to us in comparison to the new new we just got, or we won’t have it in the budget to cop the sale kicks anyway. And it isn’t as if this is the only time this has happened, or will happen. Brands will drop their releases whenever they want, and we will still go out and get them. The date and timing (although somewhat calculated and planned), make very little difference in concern to the consumers. I saw a lot of stores and retailers move from sales ads and newsletters to posts about when Jordans and Yeezys are releasing. Only the smaller shops that don’t have the hot drops in stock still had discounts and sales, making bigger sales and discounts as Thanksgiving and Black Friday approached closer and closer.

The climate has totally changed, and now we have to wonder a few things. Will stores and brands move sales outside the holiday season? Will there be less sales? And what kind of sales will we see in a future with hot releases and drops taking over the calendar year round? I wouldn’t be surprised to see sales and discounts taking place on arbitrary days with little to no significance, so as to make room for the ever increasingly coveted drops, which see little to no sign of slowing down in the future.

Maybe I’m just looking at this the wrong way, and perhaps sale days are stronger than ever. But this recent influx of drops this past Thanksgiving season was very alarming and telling for future trends. Don’t say I didn’t tell you. You heard it here first.







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  1. […] If you follow and shop at those new stores and brands you’ve been put on to, there is a very good chance that you will find at least one collab sneaker in their sale section. People tend to think that because it’s a collaboration sneaker, it must have a $200+ price tag. This is not always true. I’ve gotten collabs for less than $50 on a number of occasions. And if you have just the right size, you might be able to cop that really really good collab sneaker because it’s been sitting there, and they gotta get rid of it to make room for new inventory. This typically happens during holiday sales. […]

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