Another (Kind Of) Definitive Guide To Wearing Sneakers On Christmas

A few weeks ago, we went over a couple of likely situations you might yourself in when it comes to Thanksgiving and sneakers. But now as we venture deeper into December, having spent our holiday budgets, more so on ourselves and sneakers than our loved ones, it’s time to start thinking about what to wear when we attend the celebarations and/or dinners with our families, friends, coworkers, significant others, pets, et al.

So, how might you navigate wearing your kicks on Christmas day? Well, let’s go ahead and explore some possible cases you might find yourself in.

Scenario I: The Themed Christmas

The host(s) are doing the absolute most and make it absolutely mandatory that you come wearing an ugly sweater, Christmas pajamas, Christmas something. It isn’t enough to just look decent. So, you’re stuck looking like the Grinch, a Christmas tree, the Grouch, any of the above. This means you need to have something with some variant of green on, red accents optional. Keep in mind that since everyone in the establishment will be looking crazy and outlandish, all you have to do is really just match your shoes to your outfit as close as possible. Silhouettes and patterns and all that really don’t matter here. A good shoe for this occasion would be something like the Nike Komyuter, Trainerendor, brown Yeezy 750’s (if you are so blessed to have them), and really anything that comes in an olive-like colorway.

Scenario II: “Look Nice”

We’ve all been there. There is no real dress code to the occasion, but you’re told to “look nice”. This is the intersection between formal, business casual, and (regular people) casual attire, and you’ll find a mix of all of it. As we learn in school, you can’t have it or do it all, usually, so I would recommend leaning towards business/regular casual if you’re thinking or wearing sneakers. We’ve been over this one before. Let’s try to aim for more moderate or tame pieces. So, simple and classic pieces like the Nike Air Force 1(LOW), Sock Dart, any Air Jordan from I-IV with a tame colorway, Adidas Superstars, Pro Models, Tennis Hu, and practically any classic silhouette from Reebok, Asics, New Balance, or Saucony will do well here, too.

Scenario III: Basketball. Just Basketball.

Of course Christmas celebrations are in order, but so is Christmas Day action around the NBA. So, rep your favorite team, and wear a shoe with a matching colorway to show your pride. Whatever brand or shoe that may be, it’s an open game.

And so help me God, if you are a Warriors fan/”fan”, I hope you look tacky as hell.

Scenario IV: Come As You Are.

Again, in this situation, somebody will be out here wearing slippers/sandals, and another wearing mismatched pieces head to toe, thinking he or she looks fresh. While anything goes here, let’s still try to match and look good as much as we can, regardless of what you’re trying to pull off. Ideally, with whatever shoe you are wearing, try to find pieces that match the colorway and style, and vice-versa. Just match, is all I’m asking of you.







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