A (Kind Of) Definitive Guide To Wearing Sneakers On Thanksgiving

So Thanksgiving is here, and if this year you absolutely had to spend it with your family, your friends, your special person (and his/her family), or a combination of any of the above. Depending on those situations, you may or may not be able to get away with wearing your grails to flex on the others.

“But what if I can get to wear sneakers, J?” Let’s get started, then.

Scenario I: The Very Proper And Punctual

Thanksgiving probably feels like a business casual workplace event. A few people are in suits and very nice gowns, while most of you can get away with a sweater, a polo, and some slacks, or some variant of the above. For this, subtlety is key, as most people are probably, likely, wearing some form of Sperry’s or nice dress shoes. Anything “Flax” or “Wheat” by Nike will work and blend in just fine. Darker (read black) shoes with low profiles, or tall, slim profiles that don’t make your pants stack much will also work and won’t make you stand out.

Scenario II: Nice Dress Optional, But Sorta Required

Thanksgiving this time around doesn’t require you to work too hard. As long as you have a nice shirt and at least some pressed jeans, you’ll be alright. Anything above that, and you’re probably trying too hard with them. So since the attire is nice with a hint of laid back, you have a little more freedom here. It’s Thanksgiving, so let’s still have some standards here. Air Jordan I is always a classic choice that can go with anything, assuming you have a tame colorway. Adidas Superstars or Pro Models will also complement the look, and maybe some dad swaggy New Balances will also keep you safe. Actually, almost any New Balance shoe (silhouette, colorway, or otherwise) will be cool for Thanksgiving.

Scenario III: Football. Just Football.

Thanksgiving is really just a day for people to come together and watch every statement game for Week 12. Best believe Jerseys will be worn, t-shirts at the least. Not everybody will be wearing their team gear, but since the day is going to be so damn casual, you can wear whatever shoe you want, although your best bet is a sneaker with a somewhat relevant colorway to your team. It doesn’t matter. Only the football does. Just make sure your significant other knows that.

Scenario IV: Come As You Are

There is no dress code. Your Semi Frozen Yellow Yeezys are acceptable, because you can bet someone’s wearing sandals to the joint. You can pull up in anything, because nobody will notice or care.

Bonus Scenario: Thanksgiving Night Shopping

BEATERS. WEAR BEATERS. Your aunt and uncle should have too many war stories from Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping for you to be stepping out in that stampede with dope kicks.

Now that you have a crash course in what to wear a couple of important days, the last thing to mention is to clean your shoes over the weekend, from any dropped food, people stepping on you, etc. Thanksgiving is a fun and hectic time, but your shoes can still fall prey to the surroundings.







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