CYS Review: Nice Kicks Los Angeles

This weekend was for the road warriors who go the distance for a cop. Friday evening, CYS took the 6-hour trip from San Jose to Los Angeles to visit and explore the collection of grails that Nice Kicks Los Angeles had to offer.

There’s nothing like a Saturday in Los Angeles. Following a trip to Koreatown where Korean BBQ was consumed en masse, the CYS crew went to Downtown Los Angeles to see Nice Kicks for ourselves, and we found exactly that. Nice Kicks.

The latest and greatest was stocked. The newest Jordan releases were available, and in plenty of sizes, as well as the hottest Nikes, Adidas, New Balances, Pumas, and more. If it dropped in the last month, it was there. And in your size. So the only question remained was what to get, because one thing was certain: you are leaving with something.

At the end of the day, Briana picked up triple red NMDs along with a classic pair of Superstars, and Jordan copped all white Huaraches, because he’s never owned a classic pair. Short come ups for sure, but still a trip well worth it. Now it’s time to take a shorter trip to San Francisco soon to scope out Nice Kicks San Francisco.

(Upon creation of this post did we realize we didn’t take any pictures.)






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