How To Be A Sneakerhead: What You Need to Know

Everyone nowadays has seen that one person with the cleanest sneakers in public. Whether it be the mall, park, basketball game, or even in the comfort of their own home, there’s always that one person that always comes correct with the sneakers. That person can be affectionately known as a sneakerhead. If you have an appreciation for sneakers and the history and culture that comes with them, you can be a sneakerhead too.

But there are rules to the game. While owning a lot of sneakers may seem like the only thing to being a sneakerhead, it isn’t. There are responsibilities and duties involved with having the title.

1. Know Your Shoes

It’s important that you know what shoes are in your closet. While it isn’t necessarily required that you know every single detail about the shoes, you should at least know the model and colorway of the shoe. Know a little bit about the shoe in terms of materials snd texture.  If you have particular brands that you prefer over others, then it is your responsibility to know their catalog, which leads to the next point…

2. Make Sure Your Shoes Are Legitimate

The easiest way to do this is to go to a physical shoe store. While there are many online stores out there, you have to be careful about where you are getting the shoes from. If a shoe looks like a bizarre combination of two existing models (either in the brand or across brands), more than likely, that shoe is a fugazi. And don’t even think about buying a fake pair of shoes (or shoes that come at bulk price) from some obscure international online retailer. Not only is it a waste of money, but people will be able to look at your shoes and know your kicks aren’t authentic. It puts you out of money, makes you look and feel bad. Do the right thing.

3. Clean Your Shoes!

Like the title and objective of this website, clean your shoes. Cleaning your shoes can have a lot of advantages. First and foremost, your shoes stay looking nice and crisp. Routinely taking care of your new shoes now means your shoes will still look and feel new when you wear them years from now. From a financial point of view, anything that isn’t Chuck Taylor or Vans is going to cost you some considerable change. Unless you’re rich, you don’t have money to just blow on shoes. (And if you are rich, you still shouldn’t.) Make those dollars stretch and take care of your shoes. Get more than your money’s worth out of wearing them.

4. Don’t Buy Shoes Just Because

Just because a new colorway of a shoe is releasing, or because a highly anticipated silhouette is hitting the shelf of your favorite store this weekend doesn’t mean you have to get it. Many sneakerheads don’t jump on the latest cop simply because they aren’t feeling it. What may be cool and a must-have to most may not be for you. Part of being a sneakerhead is developing a personal taste in sneakers and being able to appreciate said sneakers. You very well may be someone that does want every drop which is fine and dandy, but it’s okay if you didn’t buy a pair.

5. Keep A Pair Of Beaters

It is an unwritten rule to never wear your good shoes to a party or club, because they’ll get scuffed, stepped on, spilled on, etc. So, always have a pair of shoes that you wouldn’t mind  getting dirty or ruined. Of course, you should still clean them too when (and as much as) you can, because you also don’t want to pull up to the function looking like you just finished yard work.

6. Don’t Spend All Your Money On Sneakers

If you have the Motorsport IV on your feet, I should not see you wearing a corny graphic tee from Sears. Matter of fact, don’t even leave the house you don’t have something decent to match your kicks, homie. You’re better off walking out with a button down shirt, and people will respect you a lot more for it. The point here is that you should have money for other things like clothes, bills, food, etc. Keep your priorities straight.





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