The Unwritten Rules of Being A Sneakerhead

When it comes to being a sneakerhead, like many things, there are certain things that we adhere to, whether they are on paper or not, any kind of niche has a certain set of rules and standards that their followers subscribe to. Last week I asked y’all what some of the unwritten rules of being a sneakerhead are. This is what we came up with:

1. Wear Your Sneakers.

This was a pretty universal response amongst the people that replied. Credit to @chasemor for being the first to say it, though.

2. Keep Your Sneakers Clean. Or Deadstock.

@jediknightben is speaking only facts with this one. It’s almost like someone has a blog about keeping sneakers clean, and wrote an article on deadstocking sneakers

3. White Sneakers Are An Investment.

If you’re buying white shoes, you’re spending money and time and effort to keep them clean – @metrozoomin1

4. You Can Never Have Too Many Sneakers.

If someone tells you that you don’t any more sneakers, kick that joker right out of your life. You don’t need that negativity.Then got out and buy some new sneakers- @whatagirl316

5. Don’t Wear Different Sneaker Brands At The Same Time.

Don’t wear Nike sneakers and then have on a Puma shirt with the Adidas sweatpants and the Asics hat. Don’t try any combination, we just don’t do that. Hypebeasts and non-sneakerheads do that, and we are not them. Socks might be acceptable if they are adequately covered up.

6. You Can Wear Polo and Tommy, Just Not The Sneakers.

There is a reason this is unwritten, because it just goes without saying.

7. AJ1 Mids Are Not Acceptable Unless They’re Collabs.

Seriously. Even then, do you see the collab mids going for crazy money on the resell markets? Not really. Nobody cares about your Bred MIDS, Chicago MIDS, Shadow MIDS, or any other MIDS you have. They aren’t Highs and so they aren’t cool. I don’t know why the extra eyelet makes all the difference, it just does.

What are some other unwritten rules? Hit me up and I’ll update the list!






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