How To Classify Your Sneakers (And Why)

Jordan, what do you mean by “classify” your sneakers?

For lack of a better phrase, putting your sneakers in tiers. The sneaker culture and industry already puts sneakers in tiers, as evidenced in the supply and demand of particular models and colorways. The majority of us probably see our respective rotations as a reflection of that collective standard we all have defined. And, to an extend, it is. But, I’m willing to bet you can take it further. What shoes are your beaters? Which ones are reserved for those special occasions or rare instances? Which ones are those general, versatile, everyday sneakers you can wear with anything? These are all questions I’ve managed to ask myself often in my sneaker journey, and I’ve got some tips to help you get a little more clear and intentional about your collection.

Think About What Sneakers You Wear For What.

Which sneakers are you more comfortable putting on for a quick errand run? Which ones would you wear you consider beaters? Grails for special occasions? I wouldn’t take my Yeezys or Concords on my grocery visits, just as I wouldn’t wear my Inikis to a special engagement where I have to put a little effort into my appearance. Take the time to identify what sneakers you would and would not wear in certain scenarios.

Think About How Often You Wear Particular Sneakers.

You might not wear those Off-White Nikes as much as you are wearing your Superstars, and more than probably because you don’t want to wear your grails down; you want to preserve them and keep them as nice as possible, for as long as possible. For that very reason, you might be inclined to only wear those Yeezys a small handful of times, in whatever aforementioned scenario you see them fit to be worn in. Those Superstars might be the useful for a lot of situations and scenarios, so they may be worn a little more than most of your shoes.

Think About The Sneaker’s Value To You.

Some people will wear their favorite sneakers absolutely all the time because, it’s their absolute favorite sneaker. Others, like myself, will absolutely keep them on ice for 364 days of the year because they are my absolute favorite sneaker. Whatever the sneaker means to you should also kinda determine how and when you wear your sneakers. A $40 sneaker you caught on sale may not see the light of every day, but it might be useful for those quick trips and/or scenarios that might see them take on some dirt or damage (a beater, as some may put it.)

Come Up With A Solid System, But Keep It Flexible.

Don’t classify your sneakers so much or so rigid that you don’t end up wearing sneakers. Sneakers are meant to be worn! So it’s okay if you usually reserve those Casablancas for parties and events, but occasionally bring them out for any and every reason. Those ZX’s might be reserved for work and general life, but once in a while they don’t look bad in a formal fit. What I’m trying to say is that it’s okay to mix it up and take some sneakers out of their ordinary situations and bring them into new fits and scenarios every now and again.

Think About The Benefits.

The aforementioned points can help you in a number of ways. Your best sneakers are able to be preserved a little more. Other sneakers may be relegated to more versatile, universal roles because they can fit so many different situations. And others you might just realize have no use in your collection. Classifying your sneakers, in a nutshell, helps you tighten up your rotation and helps makes it easier for you to determine what sneakers you’ll wear for any particular occasion. These are only a few points to consider and think about, as this is not an exhaustive list, but just some starter points to get you going.






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