9 Ways You Can Still Be A Sneakerhead Under Quarantine

We all have been affected by our current reality one way or the other. And while a lot of things are currently changing and may forever be changed, I’ve found that a number of things in sneakerhead life have remained largely unchanged. That said, let’s take a look at some of those things that make us sneakerheads in the first place:

1. Wear Your Sneakers

Jordan, how can I possibly wear my sneakers in the house?

Easy. Wear your sneakers in the house. And if that’s really an issue, then get outside the house. For your mental and overall health, I recommend that you go outside for a walk or something at least once a day during this time.

2. Clean Your Shoes

There are a plethora of resources to help you clean and maintain your shoes. And one even has a name so obvious, you can’t miss it.

But seriously, after wearing your sneakers, which is something you should be doing anyway, you should also be cleaning them and maintaining them. But you already knew this.

3. Stock Up On Your Sneaker Shots

Now is the time to take a ton of sneaker photos. Don’t worry about how to look or turn our before you shoot them, just shoot. Get creative. There are a lot of ways to take some premium shots, even in the confines of your house. An added bonus to this is that you now have a ton of shots at your disposal, which you can post or use any time in the future without running out of shots or content for a while.

4. Consume Content That Inspired/Influenced The Culture

The MJ Documentary just dropped. Just For Kicks is a must-watch for any sneakerhead. Complex and Sole Collector keep their YouTube Channels stocked with video content. All the books and sneaker publications you can subscribe to. There exists a ton of content we can still absorb to keep us sneaker savvy. And these things don’t require you to go anywhere.

5. Organize Your Rotation

I recently took some time one weekend during all of this to get my sneakers better organized. It wasn’t to say I just had shoes and boxes all over the place, because I didn’t. I just needed a new way to store and access my sneakers.

6. Put Shoe Trees In Your Sneakers

Seriously. Shoe trees help keep the shape and form of your shoe, and can help your sneaker last a lot longer after normal than without. You could even go on Amazon and order quite a bit for a good bargain price.

7. Build/Get A Cleaning Kit

You can’t clean your sneakers without a good kit to clean them with. Luckily, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for a decent kit. If you wanted to, you could even make your own.

8. Take Advantage of Clothing, Accessory, and Lifestyle Sales

Yes, sneakers are nice, and sneakers are on sale too during this moment. And you should definitely cop some sneakers on sale. But, while we’re all wearing our sneakers just a little less, let’s take stock and inventory of some other things related to sneaker culture. Along with renovating my wardrobe, I’ve been decorating my place with prints and accessories from some of my favorite brands. When you walk in my place, it says a cultured sneakerhead currently lives here.

9. Build Your Sneaker Network

Your Sneaker Chat. Discord/Slack/GroupMe channel. We all know those sneakerheads that we keep in touch with in various circles- bring them together (Read: start a group text with all your IG sneaker friends). Organize, coordinate, keep each other in the loop on sneaker drops and culture.

Bonus: The People Have Spoken

This week, I asked y’all to tell me what sneakerhead things you have done during this time in quarantine, and a few of you answered with some interesting answers. Here’s what you said:

“Finally decided to purchase sneakers from Goat!”

“Bought and sold sneakers.”

“Find some old Pumas under the bed”







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