Should You Buy Your Mom Sneakers?

With Mother’s Day around the corner, you might be thinking about what to get the person you might call your mom. Now, while buying a gift for your mom might seem like trying to navigate a labyrinth, sneakerheads get a little Boost that could be sure to make their moms React in a good way.

Obviously the answer is buy sneakers. In fact, that’s my answer for any gift for any person. But, while that is my answer for everything, it may or may not be the answer for your mom. Let’s explore some factors.

What’s Your Mom’s Stance On Your Sneakers?

If your mom doesn’t mind the amount of numbers you have or had, then it may be permissible to buy your mom some sneakers. If your mom keeps talking about how many sneakers you have, or how much money you’re spending on them, then it might not be the best thing to buy her a pair of sneakers unless you want the whole thing to turn into an inquisition.

“How much were these?”

“Where’d you get these from?”

And the list goes on. You would think there aren’t a lot of questions you can ask about receiving some sneakers, but your mom will come up with some.

What’s Her Stance on Sneakers In General?

If your mom thinks that sneakers are just shoes that go on your feet and has absolutely no regard to them, then don’t waste your money on those sneakers for your mom. You’ll only end up feeling unappreciated because she’ll never wear them, on the account of them “being too nice to wear and mess up.”

Now, if your mom has some sort of taste, and actually has some sneakers in her rotation, buy some sneakers, bruh. Now, depending on your mom’s position on the aforementioned question, maybe you might want to cop her the Cortez instead of the VaporMax.

How Often Does She Wear Sneakers?

If she doesn’t hardly ever wear sneakers, don’t do it. Just get her some flowers and a gift card to Starbucks.

If she wears sneakers a healthy amount for someone her age, swag her out. You know that people like having nice and new things; moms are no different. So imagine your mom and her girlfriends going out for a nice girls’ lunch or shopping trip, and right when they’re all meeting up and greeting each other with drawn out welcomes, odds are her friends will notice her shoes and say something. And what mom wouldn’t take pride in their child buying them something nice and thoughtful?

When Does She Wear Sneakers?

If your mom wears sneakers often and for a number of reasons or occasions, then it would be a safe bet to go and buy some sneakers. She’d wear them for whatever reason, and you would have gotten your value’s worth knowing your mom actually likes your gift of dope footwear and wears it.

If your mom wore sneakers that one time she did community service at the lake, then don’t buy her sneakers. Just get the flowers and the Starbucks gift card.

Why Would You Buy Her Sneakers?

Because sneakers are your thing. And what is a better way to thank your mom than with a personalized thought out gift from your thing? Also, it is a lot different from all the other things your mom has probably gotten (or lack thereof). Flowers are boring, the bags and fragrances are the gifts every other year, but how many times has your mom opened up a box of sneakers for Mother’s Day? It’s sure to surprise her.

So, all things considered, should you buy your mom sneakers?






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