Why You Should Take Beaters Instead Of Grails On A Night Out

In the early days of this blog, I’ve mentioned that you should always keep a pair of beaters in your rotation. Maybe even two or three pairs. But let us define beaters: sneakers that you wouldn’t mind getting scuffed or messed up. Now, while you wouldn’t mind them getting messed up, you should still clean and maintain them. There are many uses and reasons why you should have some beaters in your rotation, but the biggest use and reason of them all is for when you’re going out. Let’s discuss why.

1. Almost Everybody Is Going To Be Out

And when everyone is out, there is a good chance that you may get your sneakers stepped on by someone. Bars, clubs, and other social venues usually tend to be a bit crowded, no matter where you are, and sometimes, people stumbling and maneuvering around the place may just scuff up your kicks. Would you rather have your 501s you picked up at Urban Outfitters stepped on by a drunk person at the bar, or your Off-Whites that you probably spent way too much money on? Y’all can be brave if y’all want, but I’d rather not risk it. I’m taking beaters.

2. You Won’t Be Preoccupied With The State Of Your Sneakers

Don’t front: every time you wear your hottest heat, you know are constantly looking down at them to see if they’ve been  scuffed, stained, and/or any other negative adjective to describe your shoes being soiled. Even at events and places where I know there is virtually no risk to messing up my grails, I still spend a considerable amount of time checking on my sneakers here and there. So, imagine being some place where there’s a lot of people and activity taking place on any given weekend. You’ll be missing out on what’s going on half the time because you’re so focused on making sure your kicks aren’t getting messed up. And if you aren’t doing that, you probably don’t deserve those sneakers. But, you don’t necessarily have to check on your sneakers all the time if you wear your beaters out. Why? Because that’s what they’re worn for: in the event that something happens and soils your sneakers, you’re not stressing out over the issue and stressing about how soon you can clean them.

3. You Could Be Prone To Ruining Your Own Sneakers

That’s not to say that you’re clumsy or absent-minded, but accidents do happen, and they happen to the best of us. You might brush up against something, spill something, step over yourself, trip, the list is endless. It’s never a good feeling when you are the one responsible for messing up your sneakers for whatever reason. You beat yourself up over it until you get resolve the issue. If you just take some beaters on your night out, you’d be less upset and mad about the self-induced incident. Especially during a night of drinking, or clubbing, or turning up, you could very well be your worst enemy to your heat.

4. You Just Shouldn’t Wear Your Best Heat On A Regular Night Out

I know you want to flex, but going out is very high risk on your grails. I know you have some other kicks you can rock and still flex on the public. In my opinion, your hottest kicks should really be worn on special occasion, not just any occasion. If you’re going to a really exclusive or limited event, rock those Undefeated 97s. Just going to be local bar down the street you frequent? Don the Pro Models. You’ll still look dope, if your alphet is on point.

5. You Don’t Develop A Habit Of Wearing Your Best Heat Just Whenever

If you wear your best of the best of the best on any given weekend, you’ll start to just keep wearing them whenever and however. Keep your best fire on the shelf until the moment calls for it, which shouldn’t be often. That’s what beaters are for: to be worn any given time and any given moment. What’s more, increased wear and use of your sneakers eventually wears it down, no matter how often you maintain them and take care of them. Granted, with proper maintenance, you won’t see too much wear and use on your sneakers. But, would you rather gradually wear those Huaraches down or your Yeezys?






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