The Yeezy Restock Should’ve Been A Different Colorway

Let’s talk about it.

On September 21st (or the 20th, if you got the pre-sale), Adidas made an open season for the masses to have. Kanye proclaimed years ago that he wants to make the Yeezy more available. He and Adidas did just that, making good on his promise. But his promise, I believe, could’ve been a little sweeter had this blockbuster offering not been in the Triple White colorway. Now, for anyone striving to become sneaker literate, you know that I am very particular when it comes to Triple White. I hold it as a timeless, classic colorway. As such, I have a few concerns with this release.

My first concern is the value of the sneaker. I’ve checked StockX, and while you could make anywhere from $50 to $250 dollars profit from the resell, we’ve still created a slight depreciation from the sneaker. I say a depreciation from the perspective that anyone and everyone pretty much could have, and more than likely copped that sneaker. That is a good thing, and I am more than happy at the fact that more people are able to get a pair of Yeezys. I really am. But on the same token, anyone and everyone is now going to have Triple White Yeeyzs, and they’re going to be all over the place. This takes away from the value of the Triple White. In the best way I can describe it, this Triple White re-stock is the general release of the Yeezy, it’s just not sitting on shelves everywhere like any other general release. Out of the many, many, many colorways available in the 350 line, this one should not have been the proverbial general release. There very well could have been a new colorway to drop, like the Sesames (which I will not longer be getting), or something else they could come up with. To me, I just don’t like the idea of such an iconic and amazing colorway being so readily available and rampant like that.

Another reason that the widespread availability of the Triple White drop bothers me is that aside from everyone having it now, not everyone will take care of them the way they should be taken care of. And for that reason, not every deserves a Triple White Yeezy. As I’ve mentioned before, Triple White is an amazing and powerful colorway. Uncle Ben Parker said it best: “with great power, comes great responsibility”. A lot of people are not going to assume that responsibility. And with the winter months coming ahead, the elements will not be nice to Yeezys worn in this time of year. The thought of it alone scares me. Had this been any other colorway, I wouldn’t feel as bad or so passionately about this, but because Triple White highlights the dirty so much more, I already know that so many people are going to be walking around in some nasty looking Yeezys in the coming weeks. From the laces to the Boost, many of these Triple White Yeezys will not be recognizable as the Triple White. This release, in short, has lessened the value and the glory of the Triple White colorway, and the value of what I considered to be one of the better Yeezy colorways.

Adidas and Kanye made good on their promise. But this promise doesn’t come without repercussions. They’ve opened themselves up for declining value in the Yeezy (not too much decline, yet and hopefully never), and the depreciation of the Triple White. The masses won’t understand the value of the Triple White Colorway, and just how amazing it is for them to buy a Yeezy 350 Boost v2. They really won’t understand those two facts packaged as one, and for that reason, I believe they won’t value this sneaker as much as they should. By that very fact, this drop should’ve been a different colorway. May God have mercy on those poor Yeezys.






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  1. Sonny Jay Zambrana Avatar
    Sonny Jay Zambrana

    Good read. I personally wasn’t too happy at the fact that it came out in triple white. They are a pain to keep clean especially since I wanted to fit it in my rotation. As you said to me earlier, these things will need to be soaked in repellent prior to being placed on feet. On a final note I can’t believe that these things have any resell value when you can goto yeezy supply and by these things retail.

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