What Kind Of Sneakerhead Will You Be This Year?

Coming hot off what should be one of your resolutions, I want to pose another question while the year is still very young.

“Damn, J, can’t I just get my cop my kicks and be about my merry way?”

Yes, you can. I will also be copping my kicks and being about my merry way, too. But before you start to cop kicks, if you haven’t already, in these last 7 days, just ask yourself what kind of sneakerhead will you be this year. What kind will you be?

No seriously. Really think about it. Because this year, I would like to see more authentic, heads for the culture. True, real, sneakerheads that actually appreciate the culture and the sneakers. Do you need to love every sneaker that drops? Positively not. But at the same time, don’t be one of these guys trying to flip every drop you get for some quick cash. Truth be told, every sneaker is not meant to be flipped. Don’t get on Instagram and Snapchat trying to sell a sneaker for some cash money when you know full well it’s resell value is not that hot. You played yourself, and you’re reaching, homie. You would be pretty annoyed at your friend trying to flip you some shoes that you probably didn’t care to buy at retail price, so don’t do it yourself.

Next, don’t fake the funk. If you need to cop fakes or replicas, you don’t need to be a sneakerhead, because no flex or hype is worth donning fugazi gear. I know I’ve been over this before. But it is still important to stress this going into this year. There are so many hot drops that came out last year, and only more coveted heat is slated to release this year, and real sneakerheads know when your whips are fake. For the sake of the culture and your reputation, DO NOT wear fakes. Remember, if it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

I would also recommend that you don’t play too close to one particular brand. I love Adidas, and it will always be my favorite brand, as it has been since I was a little kid, but even I have some Nikes and other brands in my rotation. I have also been over this very recently. Look, it’s cool to rep a brand heavy. It is, I know how it is, trust me. But unless you’re getting paid to exclusively don a certain brand, you can branch out and explore more, bruh bruh. Nobody is going to care that you wore a different brand once in a while. Well, they might, but in a good way.

There are many other aspects that can and should be considered going into this new year as a sneakerhead, but that is a conversation I want you to honestly have with yourself. These are just a few important topics I want you to consider going into this year. So please, be the best sneakerhead you can be this year and don’t forget to clean your shoes.






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