Why Is Gray/Green Colorway A Thing?

Brands need to stop making things in this colorway. And consumers need to stop buying things in said colorway. There are some things that do not belong, and the gray/green colorway is one of them.

For the sake of generality, any variant of this colorway is equally atrocious. I was offended when I first saw the Air Jordan IV “Green Glow”. First, it’s my favorite Jordan silhouette, and second, it’s just an iconic shoe regardless. So why did they put this colorway on this shoe? And what will you wear with them? Seriously think about that. In a world of statement pieces and unconventional trends, the gray/green colorway is a statement and unconventional, but not for good reasons. For starters, when you pull up a store (not even just a shoe store, a department store of any kind), what do you find to be one of the cheapest items, on sale or otherwise? The item in gray/green. The most discounted item online, anywhere? The gray/green colorway.

I place blame on fitness brands, gyms, clubs and the like. For some reason, this set of organizations have taken up to mismatched palette combinations. (Your local CrossFit joint is probably a good example of this.) This phenomenon, I’m led to believe, has bled into streetwear to further appeal to a number of demographics. I understand that I can be totally wrong about this. But this is just my guess. Now, some outlandish colorways do well and work, but gray/green is tacky. Why is this a colorway? And whose idea was this? They need to be banned from the culture. It’s tacky because unless you want to look like a walking carpet or vegetable (depending on what you wear to match), you’re going to look tacky and out of place. Seriously. Try to picture an outfit matching with that colorway. Tacky. Now, picture an outfit not matching with that colorway. This is what you will usually see with someone rocking a piece with this colorway, and it is equally tacky.

In the sneaker culture (and by extension, fashion and clothing), we need to do better. We need to quit making this colorways in an attempt to shake more cash out of consumers. Likewise, we as consumers need to stop purchasing this atrocious combination, wasting money on something that only looks good during Halloween or costume parties. @ me if you can.







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