How To Wear Your Sneakers At Work

Some readers may find me crazy for even thinking of such an idea. But it isn’t as bad as you may think. If you work in an office that has even the slightest bit of a relaxed dress code, there are some key things that you want to keep in mind when wearing your sneaks on the job.

Don’t Be Loud

Subtlety is key. Those suede red V’s are going to be more out there and more noticeable than your Stan Smiths. If you’re appropriately dressed, a subtle colorway will go almost unnoticed and won’t get you into any sort of trouble with the higher powers that be in the office. If the dress code is really lenient, then this is okay. Otherwise, play it safe.

Be Versatile

The sneakers you wear to work should be a pair that you could wear with anything. You can’t necessarily rock your Air Tech Challenge II’s with a blazer. But with a crisp pair of Air Force 1’s or Samoas, you can go from chinos and polos to denim and tees to shorts and hoodies and back. Something fun and sporty while also low profile is a safe and sure option.

Aim Low(er)

Speaking on low profile, those Black Cat VI’s may not be a good look in the office because they’ll make your pants stack or bunch up at the bottom, which is considered sloppy in the workplace. However, something like the Sock Darts will barely touch the bottom of your Dockers. With an office attire, sneakers with the low silhouettes are generally a good decision. At times, it can be okay to wear mid/high sneakers such as when they fit inside the pants legs without causing them to stack or bunch up. Mid and high sneakers with sleeker profiles tend to work best that way.

Less Is More

A shoe that is light on the design and doesn’t have a lot of patters and parts is preferable. The less busy and elaborate it looks, the less negative attention drawn to your alphet, and the more style points you get. Bring a little Feng Shui to the office and to your wardrobe.

Get Comfortable

I wouldn’t want to be in Ewings for 8 hours in a high pace environment. I would, however, don some Inikis in the office because the Boost on the soles keep my paws comfortable and light. Granted, you may not be moving around whole lot, but big, heavy shoes can still tire your feet out after a whole work day. Not to mention the activities you’re doing before, during, and after the work day. Be kind to your feet. They’ll thank you for it.






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