Don’t Call Yourself A Sneakerhead If You Don’t Clean Your Shoes

The Jordan XI Low “University Blue” has been out for about a month and a half. Coming back to my apartment from my main source of income (AKA a job), I saw a young dude with the these Jordans on, and a swaggy outfit to match. He had on a nice t-shirt, a coaches jacket, and slim fit denim that stacked nicely on top of the Jordans. The only issue was that his Jordans were beat. Busted and dirty. I took an issue with this, naturally, because I know, unless they were fugazi, that those shoes were not cheap.

That being said, I want to bring to attention that anyone that calls themselves a sneakerhead should not have dirty, busted up shoes, especially in a short time after getting them. And you might say, “that kid never said he was a sneakerhead.” This is true, but this serves as a general warning for anyone that wants to be a sneakerhead and thinks this is okay. Don’t fake the funk if you’re not going to commit to everything it takes to being a sneakerhead. If you don’t appreciate the sneaker enough to clean them and take care of them, what is the point of doling out that much money for them to be cut up already? Now, by no means am I saying that you shouldn’t wear your shoes, but take care of them. Clean them. There are so many products out there to help you clean and take care of your shoes, even some that cost as low as $3. If I see your Bred XIIs at Chick-Fil-A with more leather peeled off than there is on, there is an issue. If those yellow Superstars were actually white at one point in time, there is a problem.

Part of being a sneakerhead is cleaning your shoes. Don’t go out in public with a tight alphet and your shoes are raggedy. It has been noted that you shouldn’t spend all your money on shoes, but if you are going out and your shoes are cut up to the point of oblivion, you shouldn’t be going out. At least not in those shoes. So please, the next time you shell out $150+ (or any amount, for that matter) for some kicks, keep them clean and take care of them. Don’t be that person with the cool get up and then the beat up shoes. Be that person with the swagged out fit and the fire shoes to match.







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