The StockX Experiment: Part II

Last week, I explored the new sneakerhead sensation that is StockX, and chronicled the experience. Well, the experiment and experience finally comes to an end, and my anxiety can be put to rest.

After StockX had verified the joints and notified me that they were shipping them, I was tracking my package all weekend. Even with the 2-day shipping (which is why the shipping was so expensive), I didn’t expect it to see them until this week. Upon checking the status on Monday, I learn that I’ll get it Tuesday, by the end of the day. Now usually, when I read “end of the day”, and, from past experience with UPS, I can and will expect my goods at the end of the day. Not a moment before or after.

My shoes came in before lunch time. And I couldn’t open that box fast enough.

When I first opened my package, I see the shoebox, and of course I open it up to see my new clean cop. Before I see my shoes, I see an 8″x11″ receipt with the order summary. That’s standard, so fine. I move that, and then I finally set my eyes upon the beauty that is the Motorsport IV.


Notice the StockX tag on the shoe. Like Flight Club, your shoes will come with this to specify that your shoes are quality kicks. Should your shoes be defective or of some sort of imperfection, this tag serves as a warranty of sorts, so inspect your shoes thoroughly before you wear them. I inspected the pair, and they are perfect. Matter of fact, they’re so fresh, the leather still smells like a brick. I have yet to wear them because weather in my neck of the woods has been less than ideal for the last month.

So the outcome of the experiment? StockX is the real deal. I can get behind it, and you could, too.







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