A (Really Late) Guide To Rocking Kicks In The Summer

Well, we’re in the middle of July, which gives us practically a month and a half left of the summer. But, be that as it may, there’s still more than enough time to properly flex and stunt in your summer rotation if you aren’t already doing so. Something tells me you are probably not or looking to do a sanity check, Clean Your Shoes has a few tips and tricks to help you have that Hot Sneakerhead Summer that you and your kicks deserve.

Clean Your Shoes

That should be the first thing on your mind regarding kicks, all the time. Don’t come on this website or ask to build with CYS if you don’t, homie. The summertime is all about the flex. And if you’re going to flex your sneakers, flex them when they are clean, please. There is nothing like someone with the summer alphet put together and the kicks are raggedy. To me, it takes away all the credibility of the fit. So, Clean Your Shoes, and keep the fit lit.

Go Sockless

I usually wear crew socks (and socks) in general, but summer time is usually about the only time I will wear sneakers without socks outside of a quick errand run. The temperature is going to be warm, no need to make your feet any warmer and stickier than they need to be, in some cases. Not to mention, showing a little ankle in your summer fit gives it a bit of fun and flavor.

Lose The Cargo Shorts

If I didn’t have any sense, I would tear the cargo shorts and the sneakers off the clown I catch them on, and let him walk about in his drawers and tacky DSW socks. But since I do have sense, I am going to put you on game on this very blog entry: stop wearing cargo shorts. It’s 2019 and that shouldn’t be thing for sneakerheads unless you’re a lineman. There are plenty of appropriate summer shorts out there to use with your sneakers, and just shorts in general. Cargo shorts were cool in the early aughts, but we’re coming into the 3rd (the 3rd!) decade of the new millenium. Lose those Kohl’s specials, bro.

Go Low

In the summertime, there are a number of things that are going to be high: California, gas, rent, temperature, traffic, and so on. But one thing that doesn’t have to be high is the pair of shoes you have on your feet. In concord with the second point of going sockless, opting for a lower silhouette in your rotation gives your summer alphet a sleek and sporty look. Don’t believe me? Wear those cool little high-rise slacks you have with some Jordans and then come back and do it with some Sockdarts. You’ll be amazed.

Wear ONE Statement Piece

If you have the Atmos Air Max 2 on, don’t wear a shirt that’s equally as wild in its own right. In the age where clothing is becoming more and more avant-garde, there are still rules and conventions that must be followed unless you want to look tacky. If your sneakers are the statement piece that you want to garner the most attention, then coordinate the rest of your outfit erring on the side of subtlety. If you have a shirt or some pants that are gonna steal the show (and sunlight), opt for sneakers with few colors. And please, color-coordinate.

Wear Sneakers According To The Day’s Activities

Beach day? Rock kicks you wouldn’t mind getting a little sandy because they’re easy to clean. Going to an amusement park? Wear sneakers that are comfortable, and be sure that you are comfortable exposing them to the risks that come associated with amusement parks (like kids, more kids, their parents, and even more kids). Going to a cool cat lounge? Don some cool sleek grails you’d only pull out on certain occasions.

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