Fellas, You Can (And Should) Cop Women’s Heat

Originally, I was going to write about the heat on feet I saw at Thank You LA (a lot), but I instead decided to write on a topic that I think a lot of sneakerheads still kind of avoid and treat as taboo: wearing women’s sneakers.

The “shrink and pink” era is ending. Women are getting dope sneakers more and more by the season. And if you think that women don’t have dope sneakers, you are probably being fooled and you don’t even know it. Many common models have exclusive designs and colorways for women. The next time you see that 5’5″ hypebeast with the crazy rendition of Superstars on, ask him what they are. Many sneakerheads cop women’s heat and don’t think anything of it. They see a dope shoe, get it in their size, somehow, and rock it (or stock it).

When a women’s sneaker can get you so hype that you didn’t realize it was a women’s sneaker, you know it’s fire. I was hot when the Adidas Arkyn was announced, because I know I will never be able to get that shoe in my size. It’s also low-key embarrassing when I ask and they tell me no instantly. The Nike Air Huarache City, also a women’s sneaker, is one of the hottest sneakers to drop this season. I was fortunate to get a pair the day before easter, because apparently girls have huge feet in California’s Inland Empire. I’ve worn those shoes heavy over the last week. Air Jordan’s recent pack of 1’s that dropped are super dope, and are a different approach from the usual design and colorway approaches that Jordan brand has usually taken for women’s releases. Also another hot Nike release coming soon for women is the Marble Huarache, something I know a lot of my boys are plotting on copping for themselves.

Here’s the thing about copping women’s sneakers. It’s not taboo. It’s not some secret you have to hide from certain people, or talk about in deep, discrete circles. In the year 2018, you can pretty much almost rock anything and get away with it somewhere. And disciples of the culture already know that we’ve been copping women’s releases for years. The flex is as timeless as the culture itself. Boys have always been on game to women’s sneakers in hope that they can cop and flex the seemingly rare colorway in front of their friends. If being the only likely person in your group of friends with the less common colorway of a sneaker doesn’t appeal to you, then we might need to have a conversation about why you’re collecting sneakers. I support the flex 100 percent (where appropriate). Matter of fact, the next person to recommend a shoe is gonna get a women’s exclusive. Real talk.

They’re just shoes, right?

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