Like Everything Else, They’re Not Just Shoes

Most sneakerheads will see where I’m going with this.

More often than not, sneakerheads get the brunt of criticism and stigma for what we love. You’ve heard it all before: “They’re just shoes”, or “They go on your feet, who cares?”, and even something like “It just seems kinda dumb.” The list goes on. But let’s really stop and think about this. It’s easy to dismiss something that we percieve to not be very productive or beneficial of some sort. For example, someone with a passion for community service and helping others is more likely to be received by a number of his peers than a sneakerhead might be. While the obvious and most natural reaction is to say something along the lines of “it’s because helping others is better than having a lot of sneakers”, we only focus on what they do, as compared to a more insightful why they do.

My girlfriend likes to run. Hell, she was a NCAA Division I runner. Running makes her happy, it allows her to escape life for a bit; it is her solace. Ipso Facto, she runs. My college roommate runs a YouTube channel. He loves media, he loves creating content, he likes hosting. He had internships with YouTube channels. The camera gives him life. Therefore, he’s a content creator. I’m a sneakerhead. I always loved the feeling of having new shoes as  kid and showing them off at school. My dad taught me how to clean shoes when I was 7. Sneakers gave me friends when I didn’t have very many in college. They swagged out my wardrobe. The rich history and culture of sneakers aligns with a lot of my interests and goals. Hence, I am a sneakerhead. From the outside looking in, my girlfriend is endlessly running around, my roommate is wasting his time, and I’m wasting my money. But are we?

Most sneakerheads will relate to this.

So what really makes the sneakerheads different from the rest? We all have reasons as to why we all do what we do. They always said to find something you like, right? Our thing just happens to be the sneakers that we wear on our feet. Sneakers that don’t just go on your feet, no. Sneakers that make or complete your outfit. Sneakers that you worked hard for to cop. Sneakers that have always been a staple in your rotation before you had hormones. The sneakers are a passion, a reality and truth that gives us solace and life. In the era of followers (and very few leaders), what’s often not popular or in style at the moment is often looked down upon, seen as weird, or dumb. Countless times have I been told by a pepperoni pizza face looking boy that sneakers are dumb. Said pepperoni pizza face looking boy is an artist trying to sell his art at prices that do not reflect the quality of the art. I’m not strapped for cash following my passion, cat. But financial and facial situations aside, I’m not knocking his passion because I know that there is something inside him that keeps him drawing and painting and so on. The very same drive that pushed him to move from backwater Tennessee to Los Angeles for art school. Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand why I’m a sneakerhead, and that is why he continues to look bummy. 

At the end of it all, don’t let them knock your love for sneakers, fam. And don’t knock on theirs, either. Because like everything else, there’s so much more to it.

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