Should You Deadstock Your Shoes?

“One to rock, one to stock”, right?

The short answer to this question is only if you know you’re not going to wear these shoes ever again. More than likely, you’re going to sell these shoes in the future. Or, maybe not. You might just keep them just because.

Deadstocking is something of a mystery; a delicate protocol that requires just as much attention to the shoes as does wearing them. So, in the case of one to rock, one to stock, you’re doing twice the work for a pair of sneakers. If you know that’s what you want to do, then you won’t have a problem with that. For everyone else, this is where deadstocking (should) take serious thought. And, depending on how you go about it, deadstocking might not even be worth it.

It’s no secret that I absolutely love the Motorsport IV’s. The colorway is one of the greatest Jordan IV colorways ever, hands down. I managed to get the pair deadstock. 1-2 weeks later, I rocked the pair. I couldn’t wait to wear them (after proper coating, of course). I don’t care for keeping them deadstock because I don’t plan on selling them any time soon, or ever. I plan on rocking them as the day is long. Some people wait weeks, months, and even years before they finally don a pair of kicks. If they know they’re gonna sell the sneakers at some point, but want to wear them at least once, then all they’ve really done is deprived themselves of enjoying their shoes for however long they did, since they weren’t going to deadstock the shoes anyway*. Get your wears in early, and then box it up for the sale to come later on down the line.

But maybe it is just me in that I don’t understand the deadstocking culture enough. Any pair of shoes I get, I rock, and I can’t rock them fast enough. For those that will never rock a particular pair they own, deadstocking is the only thing they know. But if you know you want to wear the kicks, make like Nike and just do it. You’ll thank and be proud of yourself.

*Remember that once you put on a pair of fresh, new shoes, they are no longer deadstock. Deadstock means that they have never been worn before.

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